Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

Vitamin B1 ampoule 80 mg per ml 2 ml

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) ampoule 40mg/ml ampoule 2ml box of 10 ampoules # 10128

Vitamin B1

INN: Thiamine

Код АТХ: A11DA 1


One ampoule of 2 ml contains 80 mg thiamine hydrochloride (40 mg/ml).


Prophylaxis and treatment of Vitamin B1 deficiency. As additional treatment in: alcoholism; burns; gastrectomy; hemodialysis; liver and biliary tract diseases (cirrhosis, impaired hepatic function); hyperthyroidism; severe infectious diseases; diseases of the small intestines (tropical sprue, regional enteritis, persistent diarrhea).

Dosage and administration:

The dosage and course of treatment are individually determined according to the severity of the disease and vitamin deficiency.


Vitamin B1 is contraindicated in hypersensitivity to the product components.

Drug interactions:

In concomitant application of vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 in one syringe or solution for infusion, there is a risk of direct degradation of the vitamins by the cobalt in vitamin B12.

Adverse reactions:

After intravenous injection of high doses, anaphylactic reactions ranging to thiamine shock may be observed. In high doses, vitamin B1 may induce blockade in autonomic ganglia and neuromuscular synapses.


10 or 100 ampoules of 2 ml (80 mg) solution for injections.


On doctor’s prescription.

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