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Sopharma plant derived ointments

Proprietary plant derived active ingredients ointments developed by Sopharma AD.

Deavit drops

Deavit oil solution 10 ml

Deavit (Retinol palmitate, Ergocalciferol) For prophylaxis of rachitis, treatment of initial mild rachitic manifestations, in the combined therapy of....

Deflamol cream

Deflamol ointment tube 18 g

Deflamol (Retinol palmitate, Ergocalciferol, Cod-liver oil, Peru balsamum) In burns the preparation is spread on a sterile cloth, which is applied on the affected area....

Revulsan cream

Revulsan ung. ointment 18 g

Revulsan (Camphor racemic, lavender oil, anethole, peppermint oi, eucalyptol, clove oil, cinnamon oil) For symptomatic treatment of joint and muscle pain; neuralgia and neuritis; headache; insect bites....

Boric vaseline

Boric Vaseline 3% tube 18 g

Boric vaseline 3% Dry and cracked skin of mouth and hands; frozen ears; chapping and cracking.....

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