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Sopharma plant derived API

Proprietary plant derived active ingredients developed by Sopharma AD in a class of their own.

Brohcholytin box 125 ml syrup

Brohcholytin box 125 ml syrup

Broncholytin (Glaucine hydrobromide, Ephedrine hydrochloride) Combined treatment of diseases affecting respiratory system, accompanied by cough and catarrhal changes of various ....

Carsil tablets

Carsil 80 tabl x 22.5 mg

Carsil (Silymarin) Toxic liver disorders; supplementary treatment in patients with chronic liver ....

Nivalin joint picture

Nivalin tablets 5 mg x 60

Nivalin (Galantamine) Nivalin, isolated from Galanthus nivalis var. gracilis (snowdrop), is an alkaloid with anticholinesterase action – inhibits the activity of cholinesterase....

Tabex box

Tabex 100 filmtabl x 1.5 mg

Tabex Preparation developed on the basis of an alkaloid in Golden Rain acacia.

Tribestan box

Tribestan 60 tabl x 250 mg Tribulus

Tribestan (Tribulus terrestris) As a general tonic drug in physical and psychic loads and for quicker recovery after severe lesions....

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Tabex stop smoking aid

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