Menthol Vaseline 1%

Menthol Vaseline 1% tube 20 g

Menthol Vaseline 1% tube 20 g # 42729


Menthol vaseline 1% (Menthol, White vaseline)

Combined product


The vaseline contains: menthol, white vaseline. Menthol constricts the blood vessels of nasal mucosa, reduces itching and nasal secretion. It has a mild antiseptic and analgesic effect, as well as a mild cooling effect.


Refreshing and stimulating effect on the skin. In headache, nasal secretion and itching.

Dosage and administration:

Affected skin areas are smeared with a thin layer several times a day. In nasal secretion and itching - little vaseline is applied in each nostril and smeared well.

In headache - temples are smeared and lightly massaged.


Hypersensitivity to menthol; damaged integrity of skin or nasal mucosa.


Tube of 20 g vaseline.

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