Sopharma Plant extracts, Ointments & Vitamins

Sopharma Plc is one of the biggest and established manufactures of pharmaceuticals in Bulgaria. The nomenclature of the Company exceeds 170 medications including almost all pharmacotherapeutic groups. Sopharma is the owner of a significant number of patents and know-how for more than 300 technologies. Most valuable are the company’s own original developments in the field of phytochemistry, used for preparation of pure medicinal substances and extracts of medicinal plants. Among them, the products Tribestan®, Nivalin®, Carsil®, Tabex® stand out for their high value and international recognition.

Plant extracts

Brohcholytin box 125 ml syrup


(Glaucine hydrobromide, Ephedrine hydrochloride) Combined treatment of diseases affecting respiratory system, accompanied by cough and catarrhal changes of various ....

Carsil tablets


(Silymarin) Toxic liver disorders; supplementary treatment in patients with chronic liver ....

Nivalin joint picture


(Galantamine) Nivalin, isolated from Galanthus nivalis var. gracilis (snowdrop), is an alkaloid with anticholinesterase action – inhibits the activity of cholinesterase....

Phytin box


(Phytic acid) In physical and mental weakness - as a stimulating agent; in nervous system diseases (neurosis, impotence....

Tabex box


(Cytisine) Chronic nicotinism, to give up smoking....

Tribestan box


(Tribulus terrestris) As a general tonic drug in physical and psychic loads and for quicker recovery after severe lesions....


Deavit drops


(Retinol palmitate, Ergocalciferol) For prophylaxis of rachitis, treatment of initial mild rachitic manifestations, in the combined therapy of....

Deflamol cream


(Retinol palmitate, Ergocalciferol, Cod-liver oil, Peru balsamum) In burns the preparation is spread on a sterile cloth, which is applied on the affected area....

Revulsan cream


(Camphor racemic, lavender oil, anethole, peppermint oi, eucalyptol, clove oil, cinnamon oil) For symptomatic treatment of joint and muscle pain; neuralgia and neuritis; headache; insect bites....

Boric vaseline

Boric vaseline 3%

Dry and cracked skin of mouth and hands; frozen ears; chapping and cracking.....


Vitamin B Complex ampoule

Vitamin B Complex

(Thiamine hydrochloride, riboflavine, pyridoxine hydrochloride, nicotinamide) The product is used in group B vitamin deficiency in the following diseases: neuritis; polyneuritis....

Vitamin A vial

Vitamin A

(Retinol palmitate) In the complex therapy of different dyskeratosis (hyperkeratosis, follicular keratosis), seborrheic eczema....

Vitamin b12 ampoule

Vitamin B12

(Cyanocobalamin) For treatment of megaloblastic anemia; for prophylaxis and treatment of Vitamin B12 deficiency ....

Vitamin b1 ampoule box

Vitamin B1

(Thiamine) Prophylaxis and treatment of Vitamin B1 deficiency. As additional treatment in: alcoholism....

Vitamin b6 box tablets

Vitamin B6

(Pyridoxine) Vitamin B6 deficiency in: sideroblastic anemia, drug-induced seborrheic dermatitis....

Vitamin C box ampoules

Vitamin C

(Ascorbic acid) Vitamin C deficiency when oral treatment is not sufficiently effective; treatment of idiopathic methemoglobinemia....

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