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cindy asked on 11.11.2018

how do i get the discount code. I selected the $50.00 membership and I do not see discount code any where

BPG/Biogenic published on 11.11.2018

Tabex discount code is $50.00 on yearly basis, and reduces the price per unit with $10.00. It makes sense if one will order 5 or more units per year. We have offered it as it seems some people are pooling together orders and ordering multiple units and this option is a good choice. You will find the Tabex Club order page at if the club price is something you wish to consider having in mind yearly cost.

Tabex is designed as a complete course for 25 days with 100 tablets. Considering how difficult of a habit to stop smoking is, it is recommended to one should repeat if few months if first attempt is not successful:

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