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BPG Answers asked on 15.09.2018

BPG Ltd has developed a simple messaging system we call The BPG Questions and Answers. It will be deployed on September 15, 2014. For more information please refer to:

BPG/Biogenic published on 15.09.2018

A simple question and answer system that we believe will facilitate a need for quick answers to consumer questions. Valuable answers will be retained in a blog-like system.
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Carsil a phyto-preparation with proven effectiveness.
Welcome to Milk Thistle Silymarin
Carsil is flavonoid mixture extracted from the fruits of the plant Milk Thistle - Silybum Marianum.

BPG/Biogenic published on 15.09.2018

Just testing with Carsil publication and publishing. I think we can go live with the BPG Ltd Question and Answer software.
Best regards,
Vassil Loutchev
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BPG Team asked on 15.09.2018

Dear Friends. Today, the 16th of September we went live with the BPG Questions and Answers System. The system facilitates fast questions and answers exchange, and brings the convenience of visitors being able to review previous questions on the subject of the visited web site.
Let us know your opinion of the system.
The BPG Response team.

BPG/Biogenic published on 16.09.2018

And here is the first response from the BPG Response team.
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BPG Response asked on 16.09.2018

The broad clinical studies carried out, show that the therapy with the preparation Tabex results in giving up smoking in more than 57% of the patients.

BPG/Biogenic published on 16.09.2018

BPG testing of the BPG Questions and Answers system.
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Ann asked on 20.09.2018

I would like to know whether you are ready to cooperate with Armenian companies.

BPG/Biogenic published on 20.09.2018

Dear Madam. Please contact us at the help desk at this link regarding cooperation. We have to first check for current commitments and conflicts of interest. This system only allows for limited exchange.
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Angela asked on 09.10.2018

hello! where i can find your products in Greece,please? In Athens

BPG/Biogenic published on 10.10.2018

Well, both of the companies, namely Sopharma Plc and the Bulgarian Rose Plc to our knowledge and belief have not established official presence in Greece. In order for us to be of service please contact us at this system with new post, or at the Contact link in the main menu so we can further direct you for your intended purpose.
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Yeniler Label asked on 23.10.2018

How can I contact you? Please send me your email.

BPG/Biogenic published on 23.10.2018

Well, please contact us at the Contact link on top of our web sites:
We, in general use the Help Desk Systems to communicate regarding matters of business.
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EVA asked on 28.10.2018

Has your company is using US dollars denominated it?

BPG/Biogenic published on 28.10.2018

It is correct that for our online sales we are processing payments in US Dollars.
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Jessica asked on 04.11.2018

Hi. I wonder if you produce white label products. Can you answer me, please?

BPG/Biogenic published on 04.11.2018

Dear Madam; It is not clear from your communication what product it refers to. This is a flaw in our Questions & Answers system that we do not know at this stage what web site it comes from, and we will note to fix it with updates. Please send your question again specifying the product.
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Richard Gonano asked on 05.11.2018

I went through to checkout on a purchase. I did not see the 'closed padlock' symbol in your url heading signifying a secure site. I cancelled and cleared the order to be safe. How can I be sure that you are secure apart from your site saying so? I am using Safari ver. 7.1 on a fairly new Macintosh. Sorry to be any trouble but I have had a bad experience in the past. Thank you.

BPG/Biogenic published on 06.11.2018

No trouble. Indeed with our new shopping system the padlock does not show as the shopping system is loaded into a separate layer. We have included the Thawte seal on all the stages of the ordering process at the bottom. Clicking on the seal will show details about the certificate. And we would like to state it firmly - the shopping system is 100% secure with SSL certificate.
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