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Sandra asked on 09.02.2019

As with I continue to smoke and gradually lose the desire or am I suppose to just lay my cigarettes down and try to not smoke at all once I start taking the Tabex ?

BPG/Biogenic published on 09.02.2019

Chantix has as an active ingredient varenicline, which is a synthetic derivative of Cytisine.

Tabex has as an active ingredient Cytisine, which mimics the action of nicotine, and therefore assists with cravings. A complete course with Tabex is 100 tablets.

Please review patient details for recommended intake:
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lise petrin asked on 12.01.2019

hi i received my tabex iam very happy the shipping was fast to canada i will start my tabex in one week and will informe you for the result. thank you best regards

BPG/Biogenic published on 12.01.2019

Thank you for confirming receipt of your order. We are always concerned with timely delivery.

Please make sure to review patient details:

Good luck from us!
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Kim Ki Moon asked on 10.12.2018

Further question to below cindy's ??
I'd like to order 5 units at should I get the discount code. And about the price for 5 =200$, or 150$(10$ discount for unit) ??

BPG/Biogenic published on 11.12.2018

The discount code is ordered at this link:

We will provide the code nuber by email and with instructions.

To order five units;
- Enter a quantity of 5 (price per unit is $40.00)
- Entere code and clic Add code (price goes downt to $30.00)
- Click Add to cart
- Continue with the shopping process.
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cindy asked on 11.11.2018

how do i get the discount code. I selected the $50.00 membership and I do not see discount code any where

BPG/Biogenic published on 11.11.2018

Tabex discount code is $50.00 on yearly basis, and reduces the price per unit with $10.00. It makes sense if one will order 5 or more units per year. We have offered it as it seems some people are pooling together orders and ordering multiple units and this option is a good choice. You will find the Tabex Club order page at if the club price is something you wish to consider having in mind yearly cost.

Tabex is designed as a complete course for 25 days with 100 tablets. Considering how difficult of a habit to stop smoking is, it is recommended to one should repeat if few months if first attempt is not successful:
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DR ASHWINI asked on 29.10.2018

i want to know about citysine availability in india

BPG/Biogenic published on 29.10.2018

Dear Dr. Ashwini;

Tabex (Cytisine) has been approved for smoking cessation treatment in Eastern Europe for over 50 years.

Produced by Sopharma AD (

Sopharma has contracted worldwide marketing rights with Achieve Life Sciences ( Achieve is obtaining marketing authorization in multiple markets. It would be appropriate to contact Achieve to further discuss the matter.
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Edith Grainger asked on 11.08.2018

How long does it take to get order?

BPG/Biogenic published on 12.08.2018

Tabex orders are shipped out of Bulgaria. Shipping with Bulgarian posts airmail is the least expensive shipping method and takes some 4 to 7 days for EU destinations. Most other destinations take 10 to 14 days. There is a tracking number traceable at most domestic postal services. Other shipping options available as well, but considerably more expensive.
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Manuel Ma asked on 18.07.2018

Hello and good day, I am a Post doctoral researcher from the University of California, San Diego and I аm writing a proposal to study the benefits of cytisine over other medications in the United States, I аm still discussing budget and number of participants needed but will be from 600 to over 1000, would there be able to buy this medication on bulk and be sent to the united states.

BPG/Biogenic published on 19.07.2018

Dear Dr. Ma;

Achive Life Sciences ( has contracted worldwide marketing rights with Sopharma outside of Eastern Europe and will be appropriate to contact Achieve regarding the subject matter of your communication.
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