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Soren asked on 30.01.2018

Is 1520317 (expires 03/2020) a legit Clenbuterol batch number?

BPG/Biogenic published on 30.01.2018

Unfortunately we are not in a position to verify product batch numbers. Please request the verification from your supplier. They should have all original documentation from us and be in a position to verify.
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Mervyn Brittain asked on 28.01.2018

My first delivery was late. Due to Post Office. You sent me another lot of Tablets I have now received them. Would you like me to pay for them Thabks Merv

BPG/Biogenic published on 29.01.2018

Glad that you have received both orders. Sorry for the delays, but postal services performed very poorly around the December holidays.

We would love to get paid, but you may have not intended to order a second unit, but because of the delay you now have to.

Ideally if one does not intend to keep the 2nd unit and refuse to accept it the postal service will return it back to us, but now it may be too late because you received it. Returning it will be too expensive I suppose.

Let's see how successful you will be with the smoking cessation. Let us know about that, and please make sure to review patient details:
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Adrian Donovan asked on 28.01.2018

can you take tabex with blood pressure tablets

BPG/Biogenic published on 28.01.2018

There is no sufficient clinical experience for safe application of Tabex and special cautions are required in patients with:
- Arterial hypertension (increased blood pressure)
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Pam asked on 27.01.2018

how effective has tabex been? I have used a few different things to help quit smoking and none have worked so far? Are there side affect to it?

BPG/Biogenic published on 27.01.2018

Tabex is a very effective and safe product. It has been on the market for 25+ years. Natural plant extract with Cytisine as an active ingredient with minimal side effects. A complete course is 21 days, which is to say not much to lose if you try it and all to gain.

We have published on the Tabex web site the clinical information.

The patient considerations are published at this link:

At the bottom of the web site you will find copies of the archive for questions from customers. They are unedited and you can read through them to see what people are saying.
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Mervyn Brittain asked on 24.01.2018

Just want to thank you for Tabex. It works very well. Pleased.

BPG/Biogenic published on 25.01.2018

Thank you very much for letting us know. And we are very happy that Tabex has worked for you. Good luck from us!
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Pat Lenahan asked on 22.01.2018

Can I use the nicotine patch while using Tabex

BPG/Biogenic published on 22.01.2018

The nicotine patch will add some toxicity to the system to assist with nicotine cravings, and so will Tabex.

Tabex with Cytisine 1.5 mg per tablet is much less toxic than nicotine.

The decision to use both is about more toxicity introduced to the body.
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Tony asked on 21.01.2018

I am trying to purchase Tabex, but the website is not working...also how much is postage please

BPG/Biogenic published on 22.01.2018

We have had only few complaints about the shopping system. It was tested all configurations.

Only issue with some versions of iPad when opening the shopping system window a gray area comes up behind it covering the underlying page. If one clicks outside the shopping window brings up gray layer on top.

Solution: close the browser, start over and do not touch outside of shopping system window.

If the above is not the issue please write us again with more specifics.
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Oscar Puig asked on 21.01.2018

When I was 6 months old, I had polio in legs, stomach and back because of faulty vaccine. I had treatment with Nivalin what improved lots my illness and fully restored back, stomach and left leg, remaining damaged only my right leg. Since them I wear a bitutor orthosis. Today, 56 years later, I have some of the effects of PPS, like muscular atrophy and pain. I’m wondering if Nivalin can help me once again.

BPG/Biogenic published on 21.01.2018

Nivalin is in general about improved neurotransmission. Here are the approved clinical applications of Nivalin (Galantamine), which are not practiced outside of Eastern Europe, where Galantamine is approved for Alzheimer's disease.

While we are not in a position to make judgement about benefits in your case please discuss the potential use of Nivalin with a physician:
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Drincevic asked on 17.01.2018

Tabex is the best product ever made. Thank you to the moon for saving lifes.

BPG/Biogenic published on 17.01.2018

Congratulations on success with smoking cessation, and thank you for sharing your story. We wish you all the best.
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Raymond Johnson, Jr asked on 15.01.2018

Is there still a price break for Tribestan ordering quantity, such as 6 and above?

BPG/Biogenic published on 15.01.2018

Tribestan price breaks are at 3 and 5 units.
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