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Kelly asked on 28.02.2017

Can you process any visa card?

BPG/Biogenic published on 28.02.2017

We accept all major credit cards and that incudes Visa card.
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mary asked on 27.02.2017

can i use a prepaid one vanilla debit card

BPG/Biogenic published on 28.02.2017

The Vanilla debit card appears to be a card that is acceptable anywhere Visa is accepted. So, it seems that we will be able to use it for online sales. And should it be declined we will so inform you. There is no risk if you try.
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Kathleen asked on 26.02.2017

Hi, What is the currency used to purchase this product and do you ship to New Zealand and if so how much would this be. Thank you #Tabex

BPG/Biogenic published on 27.02.2017

Yes, we ship orders worldwide. The currency is US Dollars. Price per unit of Tabex and that is 100 tablets for a course of 21 days is USD $32.95. Shipping cost is in addition and the most economical is $6.50 with estimated delivery time of 10 to 14 days. Other shipping options available as well.
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Josiah reed asked on 26.02.2017

Is there a way to order over the phone

BPG/Biogenic published on 26.02.2017

Dear Mr. Reed;

Unfortunately we only accept online orders.

In regards to the phone field please use only digits and no special characters.

Another reason could be if you have visited another web site using the same phone number field may be confusing the browser. If you clear the browser cache may be helpful.
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Roberta asked on 26.02.2017 customer experience. #Tabex #cytisine

BPG/Biogenic published on 26.02.2017

A customer shared her experience with Tabex for smoking cessation:

I am responding to let your company know that I received my shipment February 16, 2017. I started the program on February 17, 2017. Today, February 21st. is my 5th day on the program. I am excited to say that I have not had a cigarette as of yet this morning. This is a major miracle for me. I have probably been one of my Doctor's toughest patient as far as trying to quit. As with any smoking cessation program it is the desire of person to want to quit. Your product, after reading all the material on it, really appealed to me. It was the idea of giving up nicotine without replacing it with nicotine.

As I stated, today is day 5. I know in the description of the product it says that it "mimics" nicotine. As the first of the days passed by I was smoking, as it says you can do. I started noticing that I didn't "need" to go outside. I started feeling as though there were no nicotine withdrawals. It is really bizarre to me to sit and realize that I am not "craving" a cigarette. It just so happened I had an appointment yesterday, and it ended up being very lengthy. Prior to starting the program, I know, without a doubt, I would of been "freaking out". Instead, I noticed I wasn't. It made me feel great. When I finally left the appointment and got in my car, the first thing I would always do is light up a cigarette. I, instead thought about it and realized I wasn't "craving" the cigarette.

I know that this is only day 5, but at this time I want to say "Thank You", for even a day with not craving that cigarette. I would like to be able to let you know how the progress goes after the end of treatment.
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Sandra asked on 26.02.2017

we are cold press juice company in Belgrade, Serbia. We are interested in purchasing #rose water, #lavender water and possibly #peppermint water. I understood that new 2017 waters will be available in May/June. What would be the minimum order per type of water. When we could expect the first delivery. If the first delivery would be in May/ June, do you have last year water to start us up. Thanks!

BPG/Biogenic published on 26.02.2017

We are offering some 21 flower waters in 2017 in three varieties - organic, conventional and BioCell. Advanced orders are preferred and also secure lower price.

Delivery date depends on the gathering months of the plant. For example the Rose water is available in June as we start plant collection and distillations in May.

The Lavender is available in July, and Peppermint in August.

We have summarized the three types of flower waters at this page, with expandable links for each type.
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Carl Fort asked on 25.02.2017

A website named is claiming to be a certified reseller of Sopharma quality Clenbuterol. Are they really certified, or are they using your name to sell fake product?

BPG/Biogenic published on 25.02.2017

Well, certainly we do not certify web sites offering pharmaceuticals. Pursuant to Bulgarian laws and regulations Sopharma as a pharmaceutical manufacturer can only supply pharmaceuticals to licensed pharmaceutical distributors. We are not aware of the mentioned web site, but very unlikely they are selling fake product.
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andrew asked on 22.02.2017

if i use credit, will be charged for foreign transaction because i am in usa

BPG/Biogenic published on 23.02.2017

We are processing credit card charges with USA processor, so if ordering from US it will be a domestic transaction.
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andrew asked on 22.02.2017

can i use paypal to pay

BPG/Biogenic published on 23.02.2017

Unfortunately we only offer credit cards as payment methods and do not accept PayPal. We accept all major credit cards.
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james merchant asked on 22.02.2017

instuctions arn't in should pill be taken.with water with food,or does'nt matter.also,when to take. 24 hours in a pill every two hours.thats 12 hours.thanks!

BPG/Biogenic published on 23.02.2017

Please find enclosed in the attachment a link to patient instructions. At the bottom of the link there is a downloadable patient leaflet:
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