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Mildred asked on 28.12.2017

I cannot get checked out! I want 3 of the Tabex film tab boxes

BPG/Biogenic published on 28.12.2017

Dear Madam;

We have had some reports from some versions of iPads similar to yours.

Here are some explanations for you to compare: the shopping system brings up a modal window in white, and behind it is a darker layer that is supposed to separate the shopping window from the layer and page behind it. The darker layer is supposed not to be active and not to move contents. In some generations of iPads that separation of window and page does not happen.

Solution: restart the browser and while shopping on our system try not to touch outside of the shopping window until you complete the process.

Hope this helps. If your situation is different please write us again.
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How To Med asked on 27.12.2017

Can I get an affiliate link to refer people to buy Tabex?

BPG/Biogenic published on 28.12.2017

Well, potentially yes. We have reviewed your web site and it would depend on the country you are located in. Our shopping system actually allows such arrangement. We will contact you by a separate email to further discuss the matter.
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Carol Johnson asked on 27.12.2017

My doctor suggested that I might increase dosage, e.g., double dosage. What are the side effects?

BPG/Biogenic published on 27.12.2017

Well, we are not clear what is the reason with doubling the dosage. It seems that it could be that the assistance with cravings is not sufficient.

Tabex is very safe and effective product. Here are some considerations:

The physicians should warn the patients that the simultaneous administration of the drug and smoking could lead to aggravated adverse effects of nicotine (nicotine intoxication).

Overdose: Symptoms of nicotine intoxication are observed in Tabex overdose. The toxic effects are manifested in nausea, vomiting, pupil dilation, tachycardia, general weakness, clonic convulsions, paralysis of respiration. The communications of overdose with the drug are scarce. Lavage of the stomach, monitoring of respiration, arterial pressure and heart rate are initiated as in all cases of overdose.
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Brian Martin asked on 23.12.2017

I keep getting Biogenic capsules sent to me which i haven't ordered ,what can i do it says free trial initial order or 3 dispatch notes and trial ongoing rebill on 1 .I have never ordered these so what can i do .Mountain Venture solutions keeps sending me these

BPG/Biogenic published on 24.12.2017

We have received other complaints as well, but it is not Biogenic Stimulants, Inc (us), but a company named Bigoenic XR. We have nothing to do with that establishment.

We identify on all documentation, charges etc. as Biogenic Stimulants Inc.

Other similar complaints were received as well, and it seems there is a defrauding element in these sales. Probably to resolve this you will need to contact your credit card company, and if it continues possibly replace the credit card.
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subir das asked on 23.12.2017

Myself a heavy smoker with daily requirement of 25 cigerates. My age is 58 Years.I had gone through a pituitory Gland Cyst operation 4 years back. I am on steroid omnacortin 5 mg in morning and 2.5 mg at night. will it effect if i take TABEX for quiting of smoking and please inform me how to purchase . I am an Indian and Stay at Kolkata WEST BENGAL PIN 700109 , and my warsappe no 91-9830723142.

BPG/Biogenic published on 23.12.2017

Tabex, Cytisine is safe and effective product and is applicable in various conditions. Here are the considerations for Tabex:

Tabex may be ordered online at We offer various shipping options.
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navneet heda asked on 22.12.2017

Does Tribestan Boost libido?
Will Tribestan or any of your other products help me last longer in Bed

BPG/Biogenic published on 22.12.2017

Tribestan (Tribulus) for Testosterone Optimization. Erectile dysfunction. Sperm Count, Sperm Motility and Sperm Viability. Infertility Treatment. Reproductive System in Men and Women.: read more on
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Hetty asked on 22.12.2017

Via 2x tabex 100 stuks besteld. Kreeg plastic enveloppe met 4 strips van 50 stuks binnen. Zonder doosje! Zijn dit de orginele? Merknaam Sopharma staat op strip.

BPG/Biogenic published on 22.12.2017

Sopharma bringt das Tabex-Produkt niemals ohne Blisterstreifen und Umkarton auf den Markt. Das Produkt, das Sie erhalten haben, ist unbekannter Herkunft. Es wird nicht empfohlen, ein solches Produkt zu verwenden. Die Website sieht sehr verdächtig aus, verschiedene Hersteller mit dem Namen Sopharma zu mischen. Wir wissen nicht, wer die Website betreibt. Sie können die Erstattung bei Ihrer Kreditkartengesellschaft beantragen.
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linda smith asked on 21.12.2017

I have just received my Tabex which was recommended by my Pulmonary Dr. My questions is that I have been smoking for sometime now where that I have serious weight loss and no appetite. Once I start to intake these pills will it be possible that the craving for nicotine will decrease and rebuild my appetite back and start gaining weight?

BPG/Biogenic published on 22.12.2017

Tabex, Cytisine is effective exactly on cravings, meaning that Cytisine mimics the action of nicotine and in this way will eliminates cravings, at much lower toxicity than nicotine.

Eliminating cravings for nicotine will assist to stop smoking, and that is the main idea - introducing a substance to replace nicotine and the need to smoke at much lower toxicity, and if you maintain the habit of not smoking for some 21 days it is very likely to continue the non-smoking habit. And that is comparatively easy alternative to various methods to stop smoking.

Of course, a different challenge as a weight gain as a result of eliminating smoking may or may not occur.

Well, there is no a clear answer to the question about weight gain as a result of stopping smoking as it is possible that different people will respond differently to eliminating a life threatening habit as smoking. And then one may complement the elimination of smoking from its life with activities such as physical exercise as beneficial from any prospective.

Everyone will respond differently to such a life changing habit as smoking and if the need to face a different challenge such as weight gain is faced we are convinced it could be overcome as well.
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Hannah asked on 20.12.2017

im the person who sells cosmetic meterials in Korea of South. im looking for Bulgaria rose oil which obtained certification of laboratoire bulgarska rosa bulgarie. if u have this, please send the email the price of 1KG. i'm in hurry, please send ASAP.

BPG/Biogenic published on 21.12.2017

We are offering rose oil from Bulgarian OrganiRose Ltd, which is the next level in aromatics. We have setup the firm with specialty in aromatics, and organics. See our materials at:

Now the Rose oil 1 kilogram is USD $11,500.00. If you wish to order please request approval for access to:

I will gladly approve access.
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Ferger asked on 18.12.2017

Bonjour. Je vis avec un fumeur en appartement. Si je parviens à cesser de fumer, ne serai-je pas dérangée par la fumée de mon conjoint (nausée, impossibilité de partager la même pièce) ?

BPG/Biogenic published on 19.12.2017

En effet une situation très désagréable pour un non-fumeur. Nous pouvons recommander que le fumeur considère Tabex avec un ingrédient actif Cytisine ( Le produit a été mis sur le marché plus de 25 ans et est très sûr et efficace avec un taux de réussite de 57% lors des essais. Tabex est produit par Sopharma, Bulgarie et les commandes sont expédiées hors de Bulgarie.
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