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Chamomile water asked on 31.07.2016

What are the uses of Chamomile water?

BPG/Biogenic published on 31.07.2016

Chamomile water has a beneficial relaxing affect on body and soul. Helps to overcome stress, removes tiredness and irritability. Natural tonic with pronounces calming and softening effect. Tonics, refreshes and revitalizes dry skin. Ensures natural protection and care for sensitive skin. Moisturizes skin, and calms in rashes and sunburns. Gives shine, softness and vitality of hair. Obtained through steam distillation of fresh flowers of Chamomila recutita (L) – Bulgarian Chamomile.
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Michele Suarez asked on 29.07.2016

How is this product different from Dogtor RX? The things mentioned as benefits do appear different that the original brand

BPG/Biogenic published on 30.07.2016

DOGgeviti is continuation of DogTor Rx using the same active ingredient in equal amount. The reasons behind name change and development of DOGgeviti is to accommodate better the needs of large and small dogs by creating specific products based on the weight of the pet, and secondly, to improve the product form from wafer to tablet.
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Theresa Sisk asked on 29.07.2016

I ordered two sets of Tabex on July 6 -- did you get the order? This is the second time I have written to you. Thank you.

BPG/Biogenic published on 29.07.2016

We have searched our records for your Tabex order with your name and email address, which is what is available to us with this communication. We do not find a record of your order. If you have placed the order you should have received an acknowledgement email and following our processing credit card charge receipt.

At some point earlier in the month we have switched our systems to a new server and we have had some downtime, and database errors. We actually had some about 4 orders with no data. It is possible yours were these specific orders.

Please place a new order at
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stell constantinou asked on 28.07.2016

can you send me nivalin ampoules

BPG/Biogenic published on 28.07.2016

Sopharma does not offer Nivalin or other pharmaceuticals to individual customers. Nivalin may be ordered online at this link:
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murat asked on 28.07.2016

ı bought clenbuterol but ı am not sure . That is real or fake ;

Pes No : 20020947
Napm No: 1200215
Barcode : 3 800010 62768

BPG/Biogenic published on 28.07.2016

Please refer to our responses on the Clenbuterol verification questions:
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Михаил asked on 27.07.2016

Nicotiana tabacum это не сорт табака, а его ботаническое название. Сорт табака это например, виргинский, бёрли, ориентал (восточный). Вот мне очень важно знать перед покупкой, из какого сорта табака вы производите абсолют.

BPG/Biogenic published on 27.07.2016

Теперь табака табака абсолютной исходный материал поступает из табачных компаний, в отличие от источников от производителей табака. Увеличение спроса и связанные с этим расходы просто непосильными для поиска табачные листья от производителей. Это означает, что табак абсолютной от смешанных табак материала табак, что компании используют для производства сигарет. Есть материал Берли, восточных и Вирджиния в смеси.
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Михаил asked on 26.07.2016

Скажите, из какого сорта табака изготавливается абсолют?

BPG/Biogenic published on 26.07.2016

Табак абсолют производится из исходного материала Nicotiana tabacum.
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Chris asked on 26.07.2016

Do you offer Tabex in the form of Cigarettes?
Thank you in advance!

BPG/Biogenic published on 26.07.2016

Tabex, Cytisine is only available in tablet form and is not an e-cigarette product. Tabex is a treatment of smoking addiction where Cytisine mimics the action of nicotine and helps with cravings in order one to stop the smoking addiction. Complete course is 21 days.
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Sharilyn Moses asked on 26.07.2016

I started the treatment successfully got thru first 10 days. But then was diagnosed with breast cancer so my treatment fell to wayside. I want to start up again before cancer treatment starts but the patient info for table says I have to wait 2-3 months to start over. Why? And is there any alternative? Thank you

BPG/Biogenic published on 26.07.2016

Indeed after first try with Tabex, Cytisine it is recommended to try again in 2 - 3 months.

However, in view of the diagnosis it is better to consult your physician before starting again with Tabex. Not a lot is known of the interaction of Tabex with other medications, and it would be best if you leave it to the physician to make that decision.

Good luck with your treatment. We are all with you.
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Grace asked on 26.07.2016

I started taking tabex this past friday and took six pills as directed but on saturday I only took 4 pills and on sunday I only took 5 pills. Since this is technically my 4th day using the supplement should I move down my pill usage to every 2.5 hours, because I just realized I had been taking it every 2 hours. I thought this was my third day taking it but just remembered it was not.

BPG/Biogenic published on 26.07.2016

Tabex has somewhat peculiar intake regiment. It is discussed at this link. It is strongly suggested that the recommended regimen is adhered to:

While Cytisine possesses some toxicity it is less than the toxicity of nicotine.
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