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Donde asked on 28.07.2015


BPG/Biogenic published on 28.07.2015

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Anshu Purohit asked on 27.07.2015

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is Anshu Purohit from Orbit Pharma, India.
We really like your organization and services and are interested in discussing some possibility of business association with you. Request you to kindly provide me with any official email id where I can explain you about Orbit and its services in detail. Thanking you in anticipation.I look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards. Anshu

BPG/Biogenic published on 28.07.2015

We are in receipt of your communication. However, in order to have a more in depth discussion we will need to do it at our help desk system.
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steve asked on 27.07.2015

Would there be any harm in using Tabex at the same time as using a nicotine patch?

BPG/Biogenic published on 28.07.2015

Tabex delivers its effect with its active ingredient Cytisine, which mimics the action of nicotine in the body, and the same goes for the patch. So, you effectively may double the dose of nicotine mimicking substances and there are very likely to be side effects from that because both Cytisine and the patches have some level of toxicity. We do not recommend using both Tabex and patches together.
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henry asked on 27.07.2015

Do I need prescription for Tabex in australia

BPG/Biogenic published on 27.07.2015

Tabex is a non prescription product and we do not require that you obtain prescription in order to place order and for us to ship your order.
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henry asked on 27.07.2015

Do I need prescription for Tabex in Australia

BPG/Biogenic published on 27.07.2015

Tabex is a non prescription drug and being with such status you do not need to obtain doctor's prescription to order this product.
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Tina Wu asked on 26.07.2015

Dear Sir or Madam,
This is Tina Wu from China Loong Supply Chain Inc. We are a global purchasing and supply chain company which concentrate in health products supplying for China market.
We browsed your website and we are interested in your products and hope to learn more details, include product price, specifications and production capacity.
Looking forward to your early reply.
Best regards,
Tina Wu

BPG/Biogenic published on 27.07.2015

We are in receipt of your communication. Health products is just a to general description, and we will need to understand what products you are referring to. We will contact you in a separate email.
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Lane Stone asked on 26.07.2015

To whom it may concern,

We have found your contact through Thomson Reuters’ database regarding to Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute NIHFI Ltd. I would like to enquiry with you on an active ingredient: Bromocriptine Mesylate (CAS No: 22260-51-1).

As we are currently looking for this product, would you please send us a quotation with details of specifications, package, price, time of delivery and

BPG/Biogenic published on 27.07.2015

We are in receipt of your communication. The NIHFI institute was acquired by Sopharma Plc a few years back. This office does not have knowledge of the availability of the Bromocriptine Mesylate API. Please contact the Sopharma/BPG regarding this matter at the link below:
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Eleonora Peykova asked on 24.07.2015

I would like to know if it is possible to buy some of the aromatic products directly from
your office, thank you.
Бихте ли ми казали дали мога да закупя някои от ароматните продукти директно от офиса ви, благодаря.

BPG/Biogenic published on 24.07.2015

Dear Madam; It appears you are writing to us from Canada. Yes, direct sales is possible. We will be happy to extend pricing depending on the requested quantities. Our range of aromatic products is available for review at

In order to have a back and forth discussion on the matter please contact us at our help desk at this link:
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Musharaf Hassan asked on 22.07.2015

Would like to order ANALGIN (metamizole sodium) 100 tablets for shipment to Malaysia, please advise cost and delivery time. Thanks

BPG/Biogenic published on 22.07.2015

We are in receipt of your request. However, we are not in a position to supply the product. In compliance with current laws and regulations we cannot supply pharmaceuticals to individual customers.
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Paolo asked on 19.07.2015

I have ordered 2 box of tabex month ago (#593) but I never received it. I want stop smoking but I'm afraid of reordered your product again if it not delivered correctly

BPG/Biogenic published on 20.07.2015

We have shipped your Tabex order on May 4th and it has been indeed a very long time. It should have taken some 4 to 7 days to Italy. It could be that the package has been lost, which is rate that this happens. If it does normally the packages return back to us.

Or, it could be that the address does not contain street number but only street name. We will contact you by email to resolve the problem. We can send a replacement order at no additional cost to you.
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