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Nadiia Marunich asked on 30.09.2014

Where I can buy Tempalgin Sopharma

BPG/Biogenic published on 01.10.2014

While Tempalgin (Metformin) is a Sopharma product and it is in production we are not allowed pursuant to current laws and regulations to offer it to individual customers. We do not have a referral as to where Tempalgin may be ordered.
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Gabriel asked on 30.09.2014

Hello. Can you please tell me if you are a wholesaler too. I am contacting you from Romania and I want to search the best price for an ointment from Bayer. Best Regards

BPG/Biogenic published on 01.10.2014

We are a pharmaceutical company and not a distributor. We do not offer the products of other pharmaceutical companies as distributors do. We do not carry Bayer products.
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Alex asked on 30.09.2014

If you have an any distributor in Israel? I need the MARASLAVIN. Thank you.

BPG/Biogenic published on 01.10.2014

It does not appear that Maraslavin is a product that is available in Israel. We have not obtained market approval for this product in Israel. Unfortunately, we do not have a referral as to where this product may be ordered from.
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John valente asked on 28.09.2014

Can nivalin injections be used to help to control psoriasis and if so in what dosage and how often

BPG/Biogenic published on 28.09.2014

We have had some long term experience with NIvalin. However, Psoriasis is a condition that we do not have information that the product can be used for. Our knowledge of usable applications of Nivalin are shown at this link - Clinical application:
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Jon asked on 28.09.2014

Can I buy Tabex directly from you? If not, can you recommend where to buy? I'm in Arizona. Thank you!

BPG/Biogenic published on 28.09.2014

Well, Tabex may be ordered directly from us at its web site Please note that the product will ship out of Bulgaria.
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Nathalie Allard asked on 27.09.2014

Do you sell rose wax?

BPG/Biogenic published on 27.09.2014

We used to offer rose wax as regular item. However, demand has fluctuated significantly over the years and we have discontinued the regular stock of Rose wax. It is possible to supply it, but it would have to be in significant quantity, and during the rose extraction period when Rose concrete is being extracted. If you wish to obtain Rose wax please contact us at the Contact link in the menu.
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Zulfikri Achid Mardlia asked on 23.09.2014

I want to make the essential oil of roses, but I am constrained to the production system. I want to know how good the extraction process. so as to produce a good quality oil.
I want to work with you if I've been raising this company in Indonesia.

BPG/Biogenic published on 24.09.2014

Rose essential oil is a Bulgarian tradition of over 360 year old. It is a valuable national product and its technology and distillation methodologies are proprietary company secret. We also know and believe that the Roses grown in the Rose Valley, Bulgaria are unique variety that gives the Bulgarian Rose oil its properties and characteristics. Please contact us at Help Desk for further discussion.
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Anthony Marsh asked on 23.09.2014

Hi, I've just ordered Tribestan and wanted to confirm that the manufacturer is Tribestan by Sopharma. Also confrm the delivery time for courier shipment please?


BPG/Biogenic published on 24.09.2014

We are in receipt of your order. We are processing the order and it will ship out on the 25th of September. You will receive by email credit card notice and shipping notification. Thank you for your order.
Yes, Tribestan is manufactured and genuine product of Sopharma of Bulgaria.
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Ross asked on 23.09.2014

Would like to buy clen how can i buy i live in uk

BPG/Biogenic published on 24.09.2014

Unfortunately Clenbuterol is a pharmaceutical product and we are not in a position to offer pharmaceuticals to individual customers.
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Ann asked on 20.09.2014

I would like to know whether you are ready to cooperate with Armenian companies.

BPG/Biogenic published on 20.09.2014

Dear Madam. Please contact us at the help desk at this link regarding cooperation. We have to first check for current commitments and conflicts of interest. This system only allows for limited exchange.
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