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wansoo Lee asked on 30.11.2014


BPG/Biogenic published on 01.12.2014

Tabex may be ordered online at We accept all major credit cards. The pricing is in US Dollars. Orders are shipped out of Bulgaria. It takes some 10 to 14 days for delivery various destinations.
One order of Tabex contains 100 tablets which is a complete course of 21 days. Please refer to these important usage details.
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Biswajit sarkar asked on 29.11.2014

Hair fall

BPG/Biogenic published on 30.11.2014

Well, we have a product for hair fall treatment. Hopefully we understood a very short message correctly.
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Lui asked on 29.11.2014

Dear sir/madam,
We're opening a drugstore soon. I'm interested to know about your (over the counter) products and its prices. Would you mind to send us a list?


BPG/Biogenic published on 30.11.2014

What is the location of your drug store - country? Regarding more detailed discussion and ordering from us please contact us at our help desk at this link:
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Mike T asked on 29.11.2014

I remember reading original Tribestan should only be taken for duration of 6-8 weeks at a time. Does this also apply to Tribestan Plus as well?

BPG/Biogenic published on 30.11.2014

Tribestan Plus contains 150 mg of Tribulus substance and Ginseng. It is not correct that Tribestan needs to be taken 6 - 8 weeks, but more that it needs to be cycled - 6 to 8 weeks on, and 2 weeks off for maximum effect. The reason: the body will recognize it is forced to produce more testosterone and reduce production. That is why cycling is needed. Both are safe and no side effects.
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Giota asked on 26.11.2014

Hi, because you don't mention it anywhere i wanted to ask you about your animal testing policy, do you conduct animal testing during production or on the final product,also do you allow third person companies to test your products on animals?Thank you looking forward to your reply

BPG/Biogenic published on 27.11.2014

Indeed there is no specific mention for the BPG of the animal testing policy. We can state it firmly that the pharmaceutical and cosmetic entities do not test on animals. The company comprises of several enterprises and we are in a process of formally compiling and developing a uniform policy. We will publish it in a due course.
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Luc Levesque asked on 20.11.2014

Dear Sir/Madam,
Is it possible to order directly from your company Clenbuterol? I would need this shipped to Canada. What are prices, etc.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


BPG/Biogenic published on 20.11.2014

Unfortunately Clenbuterol is a pharmaceutical product and we are prohibited by law to offer it to individual customers. We do not have a referral as to where the product may be obtained.
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Phí asked on 20.11.2014

when I used this product twice then my face itch and rash. I should not spend more ????

BPG/Biogenic published on 20.11.2014

Well, the general rule of thumb is that if a product is causing some sort of side effect it should be stopped from use. The cause may be investigated. Generally it may be some allergic reaction to an ingredient.
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Mary asked on 18.11.2014

What is the mg per pill for Doggeviti 50 pounds and up? Thanks!

BPG/Biogenic published on 19.11.2014

DOGgeviti is the new brand of the former product DOGtor Rx. Now it comes in two variations for dogs over 50 lbs, and under 50 lbs.
The DOGgevity for over 50 lbs dogs contains 50 mg of active proprietary active ingredient, and 35 mg for under 50 lbs dogs.
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Cedric asked on 17.11.2014

Dear Madam, Sir,
We are one of the pharma leader import Cie in Italie and we look for new supplier in Bulgaria : Cardura, etc ...
Please visit our website :

BPG/Biogenic published on 17.11.2014

Please visit us at the help desk at the link below in order for us to discuss further business matters.
We have attempted to review the provided web site.
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Lesley Thompson asked on 12.11.2014

Hello, could you tell me do you sell your essential oils as in the box set on your pictures ? If so can you give me a price in Leva for such a collection ..
Thank you
Lesley Thompson ..Yambol

BPG/Biogenic published on 13.11.2014

We do offer essential oils. However, the box you are referring to is the massage oils:
They are mixture of carrier oils, essential oils and other active ingredients. For a distributor near you please visit:
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