Eyebrow Keratin enhancer

Eyebrow Growth Keratin Enhancer

Bullet micro nutrient

Keratin Enhancer the natural way for full, proportioned eyebrows.

Bullet micro nutrient

Renew your brows with this powerful, enhancing treatment nourishing thin, sparse and over-tweezed eyebrows.

Bullet micro nutrient

Arguably the most effective formula on the market today. Economical too. Made in USA.

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Eyebrow Keratin enhancer

Nanan Cosmetics Keratin enhancer for eyebrows 8 ml # 21123. Free shipping.

N.A.N.A.N Cosmetics International Inc

Eyebrow Keratin enhancer specifically developed by N.A.N.A.N Cosmetics for enhaced natural growth of eyebrows. KERATIN ENHANCER is a natural way of achieving full, proportioned eyebrows. Renew your brows with this powerful, enhancing treatment that nourishes thin, sparse and over-tweezed eyebrows. The Micro Nutrient eyebrow enhancer formula is safe and clinically proven to stimulate growth for naturally fuller looking eyebrows.

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How the Keratin eyebrow enhancer works?

Keratin enhancer: This concentrated formula works by conditioning the thick, eyebrow hair follicles with a combination of micro nutrients, vitamins and other natural ingredients. The specific formulation helps condition deep within the brows root to encourage hair growth.

The Keratin eyebrow enhancer features

  • Natural ingredients
  • Can be used on eyelashes
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Gluten free
  • Cruelty free
  • Synthetic fragrance free
  • Paraben free
  • Dermatologist tested and approved
  • New concentrated formula

The ingredients

Bullet micro nutrient

Micro Nutrient EnhancerNatural micro nutrient formula clinically demonstrated to provide the appearance of thicker, stronger brows.

Bullet Biotin

BiotinB vitamin linked to bolstering hair development and reducing hair loss.

Bullet Soy protein

Soy proteinIncreases the ability of hair to retain moisture which increases its strength.

Bullet lavender oil

Lavender oilBalances out the scalp’s naturally occurring oil which can help treat hair loss.

Bullet arginine

ArginineProtein building block which can be helpful for hair loss.

Bullet Paeonia

Paeonia S.Plant extract that reduces inflammation to promote hair growth and prevent breakage of brows.

Bullet Gincgo biloba

Gingko BilobaLeaf extract to stimulate blood flow and protect cells.

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