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Rhizome herbal material

Rhizome herbal material offered by the Biogenic Stimulants Inc in association with the Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc. Please review months of gathering and available capacities. We will accept advanced orders for herbs and herbal materials in late 2016. Please check with us at the Contact link for available material and advance orders.

Stock # Latin name English name Months of gathering Quantity (kg)
106-01 Agropyrum repens (graminis) Couch-grass 3 - 4 10,000
106-02 Dryopteris filix-mas (sin radicibus) Male Fern 3- 4, 9-10 5,000
106-03 Geranium sanguineum Bloody Cranesbill 9 - 11 1,000
106-04 Petasites hybridus Butterbur 9 - 11 5,000
106-05 Potentilla tormentilla Common Tormentill 9 - 10 1,000
106-06 Valeriana off. ** (cum radicibus) Valerian root 3, 9 - 11 10,000

  • * - Plants under special government control. The Ministry of Environment gives an allowance (guota) for gathering. Quotes are obtained in the beginning of the year and are requested the previous one.
  • ** - Cultivated plants only. Any quantities can be provided only if there is a signed contract with the respective party.
  • Any request (inquiry) must be placed with us not later than one month before the beginning of the gathering period, specified in column Months of Gathering.
  • The quantities are comfortable to Bulgarian delivery potential.


Serving from:
Las Vegas, NV 89135
Sofia, Bulgaria 1125

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