Combining Tabex and vaping
There is no specific data on combining Tabex and vaping. We are not experts on vaping, but it seems that vaping also delivers certain dose of nicotine to assist smokers with cravings, and Tabex works in the same way - delivering its effect with Cytisine. Cytisine mimics the action of nicotine, but is less toxic, and that help with cravings and of course paired with the desire to stop smoking results in smoking cessation.

Having said that it seems that there are two considerations with respect to vaping and Tabex - they could be combined for an increased effect. Secondly, at the same time both deliver to the body some nicotine and cytisine, which are both toxic to some extend, and there should be some concern on exceeding some toxicity levels when combining both methods for stopping smoking.

Study of this subject may be required in order to suggest to consumers whether or not to combine both.
Last Updated: 17 Apr 2017