Once you are Logged in the Help Desk
Once you have been logged in the help desk one can:

- OPEN A NEW TICKET with Subject matter, select Department and Priority level, and enter your comments. Attachments are allowed up to 2MB in size. Type of attachments are shown below the attachment field.
- Make changes in ACCOUNT PROFILE such as your time zone, email address, password. The language option is if the help desk allows Menus to be shown in different languages. At present we only offer English.
- TICKET HISTORY will retain history of our communications with you, and will provide information on closed and currently opened tickets.
- DISPUTE HISTORY is a special ticket and refers to an option where multiple individuals on our end are working with you, and they are separated from tickets. If the communications with you have been held with only one person from our support team there will not be Disputes listed.
- F.A.Q is of course the Frequently Asked Questions – it shows topics we have chosen to list there, and clicking on a topic will show the questions contained there – click on the questions to see the answer we are providing.
Last Updated: 17 Apr 2017