Tabex's Position in Treatment of Smoking cessation
The question from Nancy: “Is there a drug to help with smoke cessation?” June, 15, 2015, may be the good time to plug in the story of Tabex.

Tabex is based on single active ingredient named Cytisine, a plant extract from Sopharma Plc, Bulgaria. Sopharma developed the drug from plant studies, extraction, and production and implemented in the mainstream market in Eastern Europe in about 1965 for treatment of smoking addiction and smoking cessation. That is some 50 years ago as of today. 57% success rate at clinical trials (trials in the former East Germany), safe, and effective, and not expensive – a dream come true solution for smokers and society – smokers want to abandon the habit and societies benefits from healthcare costs. Western societies are just beginning to investigate this drug.

Today’s clinical trials have not much in common with studies when societies’ priorities were delivering the end result. And to clarify today’s drug are developed in the complex environment of economics, benefits, effectiveness, political correctness and whatever other factors play role in the process. We have to affirm and agree with this trend – it is irresponsible to do anything else in the complex world of today, but we have to account for the fact that an effective product has served well societies for treatment of a brutal and unneeded habit of poisoning of a human being.

At present Tabex cannot be marketed in the West. Long story short, current clinical trial standards require a USD $1 billion, that is $1,0000,000,000 investment to put a new effective drug on the market. Smoking cigarettes, or using tobacco products of any kind is justification for the cost, but not, it cannot be done any another way, and if there were other ways it would have been done, but there are none. Tabex is undergoing, as this has been written, a contemporary clinical trials and is in Phase III trials in the process, and that is to be thankful for the heroic efforts of ExTab ( ExTab Pharma has been effective to ensure significant advancement in understanding the drug.

We wish them good luck and to all of us and smokers in having an effective means for treatment of cigarettes or tobacco smoking.

The opinion expressed here does not reflect in any way, implied or perceived, the position on the subject matter of the Sopharma Plc, or Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Group Ltd.
Last Updated: 11 Nov 2018
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