Genuine Bulgarian Rose Oil
Dear Ivonne;

I will answer the questions following your comments:

Thank you very much for your answer. If I understood you right, it is advisable not to buy rose oil in a shop or via internet because one simply does not know whether that oil is genuine or not.

. Most shops around the Bulgarian Black Sea coast specialize in tourist items, and usually offer diluted rose oil in alcohols. That is not to say there is no genuine rose oil on the coast, but the buyer and the seller must know what they are doing. If your husband is not an expert and aroma is pleasant it is acceptable, but may not be the real oil.

This is the reason why I am writing to you as I do not want to be cheated.

. As of the last 2 - 3 years rose oil got so expensive that mostly specialized shops and professionals carry it. Retailers do not because few people buy it.

Anyway, before I can decide which size I want to order, I need detailed information about the shipping costs.

. If ordering online at we offer free shipping with the Postal service airmail option worldwide.

So, how much costs extra for the tranfer from Bulgaria to Germany will I have to pay?

. As noted above for personal use free shipping with postal service airmail. We also offer paid services such as EMS and Courier but they are expensive. Usually we need for rose oil 1 - 2 days to transfer from country warehouse to Sofia warehouse. And then it should take some 4 to 7 days to Germany. We provide tracking number that can be traced, I believe, at Deutche Post.

How long will it take?

. It takes some 4 to 7 days with the least expensive shipping option and it is as I previously noted free shipping.

What about the money transfer?

. When placing orders at the we accept all major credit cards. You will receive order, and credit card charge receipts via email, and then tracking number notification email. We could potentially accept bank payments, but too many extra charges and not appropriate for personal use.

Do you have Paypal?

. At present we do not accept PayPal, but considering it in the future.

Is rose oil tax free?

. Packages for personal use shipped within the EU are tax free.

Do you give a discount?

. We are offering discounts of 20% for Bulgarian Rose Club members. Membership is $100.00 on yearly basis, and 20% discount is applied immediately at the time of purchase:

Where do I find an order sheet?

. At this link you will find depending on mobile or tablet or computer device links to the three sizes of oils: personal aromatherapy use 1 and 2 gram, anniversary edition 5 and 10 grams (4 items), and professional sizes 50 and 100 grams:
Last Updated: 21 Jan 2019
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