Rose water as a beverage
We are distillery of essential oils and flower waters. We distill both the rose oil and flower water as ingredients in cosmetics, and as standalone application of the rose water as cosmetic item. No experience in the rose water as a beverage. The rose water has a bitter taste and while the aroma may be attractive to consumers it would have to be modified or included as an ingredient in a formulation. Mixing rose water with your formulation will definitely result in a very strong rose aroma in the beverage.

We can offer to your attention the genuine rose water hydro distilled from fresh rose petals. Rose oil as a part of formulation for rose beverage will probably be a challenge because of its high cost and that fact that it is not soluble in water. We know that Asian buyers use rose water to aromatize foods. Our rose water contains rose oil in the range of 0.03 to 0.9%.

We offer organic rose water (18 months shelf life), and conventional rose water (24 months preserved phenoxiethanol, a different preservative may be used on your request). We could also produce rose water food grade certified, but it would be a special request. The rose water distillations are in May and June of each year and if you want to consider ordering we can accept advanced orders with a minimum order of 1 ton. If interested within few weeks we can quote pricing for advanced orders.
Last Updated: 11 Nov 2018
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