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Bulgarian Rose, the Bulgarian Rose logo, Bulgarian Rose Signature, Lady’s Joy, Lady’s Joy Luxury, Rose Diva, Spa Energy, Nature’s Gift, Forma Nova, Revita, Flora Care, Herbal Care, ProHair, Titi, Mellidyn, Impulsion, Be Cool Man, Be Hot Man, Rose Fantasy, Aroma Fantasy, Biss, Best-KN 10 are trademarks of the Bulgarian Rose Plc in Bulgaria and other countries.

Tribestan, Carsil, Phytin, Tabex, Nivalin are trademarks of Sopharma Plc in Bulgaria and other countries.

Bulgarian OraniRose Plc trademarks: Bulgarian OrganiRose logo, Rosart, Be Rose, OrganiRose Waters, OrganiRose Aromatics are trademarks of the company, and are used with permission by Biogenic Stimulants, Inc.

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