Shipping Information and Policy!

Shipping of orders and considerations

We ship our products from various locations and countries. When consideration is given to the locations, destinations, weights, regulatory compliance and other factors we have a team of shipping experts to decide on the best course of action with a particular order depending on the specifics.

For personal uses the most economical is the Postal Service Air Mail. This presents some challenges. However, for most destinations within the European Union it takes some 4 to 7 days for delivery. All other continents require some 12 to 14 days.

We also utilize EMS and courier services. These are more expensive but in some cases depending on the priority of the order, or, value we will use such services.

For commercial orders we discuss and negotiate the most appropriate option depending on size of the order and destination. We ship to any destinations worldwide with air cargo or ocean cargo orders.

With the above in mind we have the following assurances and guarantees about the safety of your money and products:

Guarantee for orders for personal use!

  • In case it takes more than the reasonable 15 calendar days for you to receive your product, we will:
  • Make a refund to a customer's credit card, less the shipping cost we have charged, or;
  • Ship a replacement order within two business days after the customer has alerted us of an order not being received. There would be no additional charges to the customer.

Note: In both cases the customer will have to bring it to our attention in writing that there is a problem with a particular order.

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