Privacy Statement and Security of Information!

How we use information and security of information

We obtain information from customers during the Ordering process from our shopping system or offline, or though our Help Desk System.

General overview of information!

Any and all information collected during the Ordering process or Help Desk Support system will remain strictly confidential for the purpose of processing transactions and delivery of the order, as well as extending support through the Help Desk System.

We believe that if we provide quality products and services we do not need to bother our customers constantly reminding them of ourselves. Additionally we are building our RSS feed where one may subscribe and stay up-to-date with what is happening without us needing to contact the customer by other means.

We have presence on FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks!

Information is collected there for the purpose of extending assistance with respect to our service and products. We follow common practices in such services. Visitors should exercise common sense while participating in these social networks.

Statement of confidentiality of information and practices!

We shall not ever distribute, sale, transfer, or otherwise provide the information collected by us by various means to third parties.

We do not participate in junk mail distribution, unsolicited marketing calls, spamming, or other forms of contact that will require the use of the collected information. However, if we ever so chose, we may contact our customers, but not more than once per month with major updates, or for the purpose of introducing new products.

Safety of information!

Our Shopping system and Help Desk System utilize TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology to encrypt the communications between the customer's computer and our servers. Encryption level is browser depended and in most cases it is 128 bit or higher.

The Shopping System retains sensitive information and addresses for up to 24 hours in order to minimize any possible risks as a commonly used strategy for prevention of loss of information. The shopping system will also use cookies, a commonly used piece of harmless code stored on the visitor’s computer to maintain current order record, as well for return visits so that billing and delivery information is not re-entered again.

The Help Desk System contains information of general character (no payment data) and is retained for longer periods of time. In general that is information and discussion we have with customers and clients on various subjects. The information is stored in an encrypted database and all communication between visitor’s browser and our server is encrypted.


This web site and our associated web sites may use cookies - a harmless piece of information stored on the visitor's computer for the purpose of the ordering process and identifying returning customers. Cookies may be removed from your computer using browser’s features or settings.

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