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We have developed a new shopping system - The Agile Shopping System deployed in July of 2014. The shopping system is based on the PHP programming language and will facilitate shopping from our multiple web sites, and from any platform, or device. From security prospective it is one of the safest systems online, and utilizes latest TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption 128-bit or higher. Encryption level depends on the browser being used and of late most likely 256-bits. Please check with your browser.

Simple, yet very flexible the Biogenic Shopping System will facilitate every situation, and is unmatched in convenience and flexibility. Does not require users to create accounts and remember passwords – shop when convenient for you. Some data may be reused through cookies – a harmless piece of information stored on the visitor’s computer, which may be easily removed via the browser’s settings. But, it allows returning visitors not to retype all the address information again. No sensitive information is stored, and there is nothing to be compromised by our shopping system from data, or procedures prospective.

The Biogenic Shopping System in detail!

The Shopping Applet

Biogenic Stimulants shopping system ordering applet

This is the individual item shopping applet - a piece of computer code containing some information such as item number, item description, unit price or range of prices, and other parameters, which may not be visible. It will contain quantity field, unit price, and Buy button, or may have a more complex appearance with parameters.

  • Accept quantity of 1, or enter a different number, and press the Buy button to add that quantity with the shown total to the Shopping basket.
  • The applet may contain built-in quantity discounts i.e. if larger quantity than 1 is ordered the corresponding per unit price may be reduced. This will depend on the individual product, and is subject to change. Best thing to do is either experiment with different quantities, or simply order the desired quantity of units.

The Shopping Basket

Biogenic Stimulants shopping system shopping cart applet

The Subtotal Applet located in the upper right hand corner of the web sites. Easily distinguishable with its Shopping basket icon, gray color, and value of items added to the shopping basket.

  • Click it to bring up the Review Basket modal window.

The Review Basket window

Biogenic shopping system review shopping cart

The Review shopping basket modal window contains the items added to the shopping basket. It shows description of the product, parameters if any, unit price, and quantity, and total.

  • This is the place where you can review all items added to the shopping basket.
  • Quantity may be changed by either typing a new number in the field, or using the up and down arrows to change quantity. The column Price will reflect the changes made to quantities.
  • The red X is to remove the item from the shopping basket.
  • Once order is reviewd “Or continue shopping” link will take you back to the web page for more shopping choices. If one returns back to shopping you can always use the Shopping cart button to bring up the Review cart window.
  • The Proceed to Checkout button takes one to the next step to enter personal data.

The Data Entry window

Biogenic Stimulants shopping system address information window

This window will allow one to enter Billing and Delivery information i.e. the billing address of the ordering individual, and the desired address the order should be shipped to.

  • Each field will capitalize the first letter of each word after one leaves the field – makes it easy to type in lower case. Typing in capital letters will not change them to lower case.
  • The Copy from Billing Address link will copy the data to the shipping address. The shipping address data can still be modified.
  • Use the Tab key to move from field to field.
  • Country and State/Province fields are already pre-entered for one to make choice of a country and then the corresponding States/Provinces.
  • Phone and fax fields allow only numbers, blank space and dashes.
  • Required fields are marked with an asterisk “*”.
  • VAT section is not applicable for orders from, but an option for other retailers to use. Biogenic Stimulants will make this system available for commerical users against purchase. Please contact us at the contact link if you wish to entertain the idea of deploying our shopping system with your internet assets.
  • Comments and instructions you want to leave for us.
  • Go back to Review Order link will take you back to the Review Basket window.
  • Proceed to Delivery Method buttong takes you to next stage of the shopping process.
  • X Close – closes the window.
  • X Close & Clean – closes the window and removes all items added to the shopping basket.

The Delivery Methods window

Biogenic Stimulants shopping system delivery methods window

This window shows various delivery methods available to choose form. Each method offers different options one needs to choose from. Select a method to see corresponding shipping cost and easily decide which one suits your intentions.

  • In this illusstration two delivery methods are offered.
  • Each method will contain various options to choose from.
  • The shopping system will quote shipping cost.
  • Below the shipping method is the TOTAL for the order which will include product prices, taxes and shipping cost.
  • Go back to Review Order link will take you back to the Review Basket window.
  • Proceed to Payment button will take one to the final window to choose payment method, and provide payment information.
  • X Close – closes the window
  • X Close & Clean – closes the window and removes all items added to the shopping basket.

The Payment Methods window

Biogenic Stimulants shopping system payment methods window

The Payment methods window will show available payment methods. It will also provide information on the number of products ordered and your total.

  • Select a payment method and complete the required for the method information.
  • There is an option to “Go back to Review the Order” link, which takes you to the Review Modal window where one can make changes to the order, prior to entering payment information.
  • The button Submit Order places the order. You will see another window showing details of the order without sensitive payment information. It will show Order number as well. We recommend printing this window for your records. An email will be send to the provided email in the Billing section in previous steps.
  • Go back to Review Order link will take you back to the Review Basket window.
  • X Close – closes the window.
  • X Close & Clean – closes the window and removes all items added to the shopping basket.

That is it. Hope you like it!

We've tried to make it efficient, fast, and effective!

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