Become an agent and earn commission

How does it work?

Agile Shopping System operates on multiple web sites.

Include 3 DIV tags in your code.

Shopping system is ready.

And that is all.

It is that simple. No catch, tricks or gimmicks. Some knowledge of html is good, but not required.

How to start earning commission?

Earn money the truly easy way. No business to open, no bank or merchant accounts to manage. Use a web page, or your own web site, build a page with few pieces of code, promote your page.

  • Select one of our products to offer.
  • Create your own .html, .php, or other web page with product information.
  • Include three pieces of code on your page.
  • The shopping system is now initialized and ready to accept orders.

Here is the shopping applet. Try it with adding products to the basket. Click on the basket to see how this shopping system works and what your visitors will see.

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Some details and specifics

Assuming you have a web page created.

A. This code will create the shopping basket.

<div id="agile-shopping-basket"> </div>

B. This code will create the product ordering applet.

<div class="agile-shopping-product-box" data-product-id="xxxx"> </div>

C. This code will initialize the shopping system on your site or page.

< script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

Expanding upon details and specifics

  • You need a web site, or web page to create the product page;
  • We will negotiate commission percentage with you usually 10% to 20%;

  • Do not need to open a business
  • Do not need to have a merchant account
  • Do not need to stock or deliver the product

  • You will be fully informed of orders; Administrative access to monitor sales and commissions;
  • You are guaranteed to have a payment made on monthly basis;

Direct traffic to your page and get paid. We take care of stocking product, charging buyer's credit card, delivering the order, and paying you.

What you need to do to start?

  1. Choose a product approved by us to earn commission.
  2. We need to know your web site, or web page and set you up as an Agent.
  3. We will need to know some information about you as an individual or business in order to mail checks, or wire transfer payments.
  4. Contact us to discuss the mater, negotiate commission at the Biogenic help desk.

What else and some answers?

We offer natural products: supplements, cosmetics, aromatics, essential oils, flower waters, and other naturals. Commission sales are offered on some of the products, not all.

Our shopping system allows us to setup Agents, what we call them, and allow them to offer commission eligible products on their web sites. We operate numerous web sites and have published plenty of information on our products. We are offering this material to be copied and used by agents.

The commission is negotiated between us and the prospective agent. Commission is set for your web site or page. Agents can offer multiple of our products. Once order is placed on your web page you receive notification email. As an Agent you have access to the administrative interface on our shopping system to check on your sales: admin access

We have offices in Bulgaria and the USA. Some products are shipped out of Bulgaria and some out of our US office. The shopping system will quote shipping costs based on various shipping methods. Commissions are paid ONLY on Product orders not Order total where shipping cost is included.

We will provide monthly reports on commission due within week to 10 days upon closure of the month. Reports are sent by email. USA agents are paid by check drawn on US based bank. Outside of the USA agents are paid by bank transfers. All bank transfer fees are for account of Agent.

Serving from:
Las Vegas, NV 89135
Sofia, Bulgaria 1125

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