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Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Group Ltd was founded in 1990 by Bulgarian entrepreneurs. The company initially, later on and today subscribes to the idea of uniqueness of the Bulgarian contribution of the pharmaceutical industry to the contemporary pharmaceutical knowledge and practices; the idea of Bulgarian products originating from nature, and there are many of them, but to note a few like these world leaders in their class - Tribestan, Nivalin, Tabex, Phytin, Carsil; some proprietarily developed active ingredients, aromatic products results of hundreds of years of experience. Of course, the millennial traditions are to credit for much of it.

BPG Ltd in 2006 reorganized to separate the purely pharmaceutical activities from what could be called the purely natural products by creating the Biogenic Stimulants division. Biogenic Stimulants now is present on two continents and serves markets in Europe, United States and Asia. The company operates numerous facilities and web assets to fulfill its mission of bringing the ultimate of naturals to deserving and demanding public.

Currently Biogenic Stimulants brings to various markets a rich selection of Bulgarian origin naturals ranging from condition affecting and enhancing naturals, aromatic products of varieties that could be categorized as essential oils, absolutes, concretes, flower waters, fruit essences and tobacco flavors. Biogenic Stimulants is tending to the needs of food, flavors, retail and personal care industries.

BiogenicStimulants.com is a web site of Biogenic Stimulants, Inc. This site offers variety of natural products from Bulgarian origin from Sopharma Plc and Bulgarian Rose Plc. We are committed to selecting products for their proven health benefits. Bulgaria is a special place in terms of diversity and unique varieties of flora and fauna. We are particularly proud to offer to the world the achievements of the long-term experience of Bulgaria in the field of phytochemical research, selection and extraction of products from plant and other origin. You will find in our and related web sites information on sophisticated natural products unmatched in effectiveness.


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