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The Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc, established in 2012 as natural continuation of the Bulgarian Rose idea to expand upon the expertise and long term experience in cosmetics and aromatics with specialization in organics, expedited implementation of ideas from development to market, capabilities to serve demand for private labeling.

The Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc began in 2012 with organic certifications. European (Ceres) and USDA certification were obtained for gardens and fields. The distillation facilities were remodeled and reequipped with machinery suitable for organic production of essential oils and flower waters. State of the art production facilities were built for cosmetics in any format.

The idea is so captivating that it attracted international investment interest and worldwide known names are partnering with the Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc. Investments are made for the first production facility, and for two more facilities to open in 2017 for consumable products.

What is the Bulgarian OrganiRose up to?

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Cosmetics: sophisticated cosmetic lines from mass market to high end boutique class with contemporary formulations are developed by PhD personnel in our own labs. Produced under GMPs conditions natural and organic cosmetics.

Flower waters conventional and organic

Flower waters: organic and conventional in variety of retail sizes and in bulk. In our first year of output more than 400 tons of flower waters were exported. We have also developed the BioCell waters capabilities only available from us in Europe.

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Essential oils: some 40 organic and conventional essential oils in retail packages and in bulk. It has been the specialty of the Bulgarian Rose for over 65 years to deliver the finest biologically rich aromatics. This is the next level up.

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Carrier oils: sesame oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed, apricot, pea, peach, almond, rose hip oil, pumpkin seed oil, and more. Organic and conventional base oils. Sophisticated machinery and technologies are deployed as well as material sourcing channels.

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Glycerin soaps: developed and prepared internally. How trivial, a soap! Not really? Soaps require a mass produced base and aroma. Not our soaps. Our soap base is the real deal. We are offering you the Chairman of the Board of the soaps.

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Herbs and herbal material: from roots to rhizome, to leaves, to seeds, to stems in retail packs and in bulk. Conventional and organic, and of course a line of fine teas. This is the field where we excel with clean environment herbal materials.

The Cosmetic lines

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Rosart cosmetics is a contemporary line carefully formulated with fine organic and natural materials for maximum effectiveness in the ageing battle. Eye and face serums, nourishing creams and mask, smooth milk, 24 hour hydration, hand and nail care offer complete care for you.

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Be Rose cosmetics with natural rose oil, rose hip oil, urea and natural rose water. A cosmetic line with 16 products for facial skin, body skin and hair application. Body butter, hair mask, micelar water, and nourishing cream for hands and nails, as well as restoring oil for hair and hands.

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