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BB-NCIPD Ltd. is a commercial company, 100% state-owned, with over 130 years of history. BB-NCIPD Ltd. became a separate entity at the end of 2000 based on the production department of the National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases that had a long history in the manufacture of biopreparations. BB-NCIPD Ltd. is owned by the Ministry of Health of Bulgaria. The company implements the immunization program in Bulgaria successfully by its high-effective vaccines. About BB-NCIPD Ltd ...

Dentavax immune protection of oral cavity

Prophylactic and therapeutic action in case of inflammatory and infectious diseases of the oral cavity and parodonte:

  • gingivitis erythematosa and ulcerosa;
  • superficial or profound parodontosis;
  • stomatitis, glostitis, aphtae, etc.;
  • before and after tonsillectomies and after dental extractions;
  • ulcerations and secondary infections caused by artificial dentures
Dentavax 40 tablets of 36 mg

Dentavax polybacterial immunostimulator 40 tabl x 36 mg # 45205

Urostim enhances urological immunity

Urostim is a polybacterial immune-stimulator which enhances the natural resistance of organisms and specific immunity towards different infections of urological - genital tract through stimulation of the humoral and cell factors of immune system. It activates the system and local immunity.

Urostim 30 tablets of 25 mg

Urostim polybacterial immunostimulator 30 tablets of 25 mg # 45203

Urostim 30 tablets of 50 mg

Urostim polybacterial immunostimulator 30 tablets of 50 mg # 45204

Respivax immune-prophylactic of respiratory system

Preparation is intended for oral administration with aim immune-therapy and immune-prophylactics of non-specific diseases of respiratory system and it has a very good effect during treatment of children and adults, suffering from often repeated and chronic respiratory infections:

  • acute bronchitis and trachea-bronchitis;
  • chronic and relapsing bronchitis and trachea-bronchitis;
  • acute and chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis;
  • acute and chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and othitis;
  • often repeated bronchopneumonia;
  • infections of respiratory system, resistant to antibiotic therapy;
  • infections of respiratory system, accompanied with hyper sensitivity to antibiotics or other chimiotherapeutics;
  • infectious bronchial asthma.
Respivax 30 tablets of 25 mg

Respivax polybacterial immunostimulator 30 tablets of 25 mg # 45201

Respivax 30 tablets of 50 mg

Respivax polybacterial immunostimulator 30 tablets of 50 mg # 45202

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