Aromatics advanced contracts

Biogenic Stimulants Inc. of Bulgaria and USA and Bulgarian OrganiRose Plc program for aromatic materials. Secure your material for future delivery at special price. Minimal deposit required, price and delivery guaranteed.

What aromatics we offer?

  • Organic essential oils
  • Conventional essential oils
  • Organic flower waters
  • BioCell flower waters
  • Conventional flower waters
  • Dried herbs

What you need to do to reserve?

Essential oils, flower waters, and herbs: 21 varieties organic and conventional in 2017.

  • Essential oils: $100.00 deposit per 1 kg oil
  • Flower waters: $50.00 deposit per 200 kg water
  • BioCell flower waters: $100.00 deposit per 500 kg water
  • Dried herbs: $50.00 per 10 kg dried herb
  • Add product to cart: Save by (date) to check current price.
  • Order online by the indicated date to obain best price. site

Serving from:
Las Vegas, NV 89135
Sofia, Bulgaria 1125

Oils and aromatics


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