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Stephen E Swan asked on 03.04.2019

do you answer your tickets?????????been trying to reach you and do not get reply bout overdue order???

BPG/Biogenic published on 04.04.2019

Dear Mr. Swan;

We are having some delays in shipping orders as well responding to inquires online because of illnesses of two people in our logistics.

Your order # 7995 was shipped with tracking number RI272377106BG.

We have checked at the US Postal Service web site at and status is label created, which is strange status.

Now checking with our shipping department order status and will respond with ticket # 0000019240
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Admin Comte de Grasse asked on 03.04.2019


I am contacting you out of interest in one of your products, rose centifolia. I was wondering if it was possible for you to supply dried rose centifolia flowers. I was wondering as well if you could possibly supply between 20-35 kilos of the dried rose centifolia flowers.

Thank you for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.

Admin Comte de Grasse

BPG/Biogenic published on 04.04.2019

We are in receipt of your message regarding Rose centifolia. We operate plantations and distilleries in Bulgaria and Rosa Centifolia is one of the materials we offer essential oil, hydrosol, and herbal materia. We have and advanced orders program where one can reserve 10 kg material by purchasing one contract of $50.00. Orders accepted by May 2019. Price per kilogram is:

Rose centifolia dried herb advanced order deposit per 10 kg (FOB USD $56.88 per kg)

Unfortunately at present we do not have the Rosa Centifilia herbal material in stock, but can produced it in June at the blooming season of the plant.
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Tímea Viczenti asked on 03.04.2019

Our company - a small family owned natural skincare product producer in Hungary - is looking for floral waters, for our new product range.

Therefore please send me an offer for 20 liters of the following floral waters:
- lavender floral water
- orange floral water
- rose floral water
- cornflower floral water
- roman camomile floral water
- lime tree floral water
- Hammamelis
Thanks in advance,

BPG/Biogenic published on 04.04.2019

We offer some 21+ varieties of hydrosols (the proper name for flower waters hydro distilled), and not mixtures of an essential oil and water.

I would like to bring to your attention our advanced orders program. It requires a small deposit to place an order for a contract of 200 kg of hydrosols. We distill the waters during the collection season of the plant, and deliver the orders. Please review materials available from us at this link:
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nezam asked on 03.04.2019

Dear sir


We are a manufacturer of rose oil in western Iran. We also produce peppermint oil and other oils. Part of our products is the European Union's organic certification. Plant cultivation and oil separation are carried out in one set. Garreban Company has large plots dedicated to growing roses.

Oils like rose: This oil is produced by steam distillation and no chemicals are used at all.

BPG/Biogenic published on 04.04.2019

We are in receipt of your message regarding your firm's involvement in rose oil production.

We operate distilleries in Bulgaria and Bulgarian Rose Oil is our flagship product.

Our range of aromatic products such as essential oils, hydrosols, flower waters by freeze-drying as well has herbal material is extensive. We offer aromatic materials from 21 plant materials in organic and conventional varieties.
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Ivanka Vujkov asked on 26.02.2019

I try to contact you but email just return what ever I do.. What is email address where I can send the reply email to your email?

BPG/Biogenic published on 26.02.2019

Hello Ivanka; I hope all was figured out to correspond on our help desk, which is our preferred method of discussing maters. We believe you already have a ticket opened on the Biogenic help desk at:
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Lucy asked on 26.02.2019

we need to buy essential oils

BPG/Biogenic published on 26.02.2019

We actually operate distilleries in Bulgaria and usually offer aromatic materials on advanced orders. Which is to say we are not a reseller, and do not stock or source oils on regular basis.

Here is a list of materials available from us, and a link where mostly large buyers can pre-order materials:

Organic essential oils
Conventional essential oils
Organic flower waters
BioCell flower waters
Conventional flower waters
Dried herbs
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Sandra asked on 09.02.2019

As with I continue to smoke and gradually lose the desire or am I suppose to just lay my cigarettes down and try to not smoke at all once I start taking the Tabex ?

BPG/Biogenic published on 09.02.2019

Chantix has as an active ingredient varenicline, which is a synthetic derivative of Cytisine.

Tabex has as an active ingredient Cytisine, which mimics the action of nicotine, and therefore assists with cravings. A complete course with Tabex is 100 tablets.

Please review patient details for recommended intake:
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jason asked on 09.02.2019

Is Bulgarian tobacco absolute back in stock?

BPG/Biogenic published on 09.02.2019

Tobacco absollute is not in stok now. We have not been able to gauge demand, for one, and secondly, the extraction season because of changes in growing conditions started almost a month later.

We have some stock now of tobacco absolute, that is intended for special purposes. It is very likelly we will take it off from web sites very soon.
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Mohsen Ahmed asked on 17.01.2019

Good morning,
We are Czech veterinary pharmaceutical company. We would like to establish business in Bulgaria for distribution our products. We are looking to have a contracted storehouse for our products.
Could please advise me about any licensed wholesaler distributor or pharmaceutical companies which may such cooperation may be interested for?
Many thanks in advance for your kind help

BPG/Biogenic published on 17.01.2019

We are in receipt of your message about setting up a veterinary distribution in Bulgaria. Unfortunately we are in the distribution business of veterinary products. We will consider the offer but it will be a big leap from human pharmaceuticals, holding activities to the field you are proposing.
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Sarah asked on 16.01.2019

I am interested in buying Bulgarian Rose Oil 65th anniversary Luxury concum 10 g (0.35 oz), how do I get free shipping?

BPG/Biogenic published on 17.01.2019

You will need to select Postal Service, and then as a shipping option Postal Service Airmaial, which is the free shipping option. The EMS and Courier are paid for options.

Please allow us a bit of time to issue the discount code.
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