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Rodogyl !

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Rodogyl 20 tabl Spiramicyn 750,000 I.U.; Metronidazole - 125 mg!

Rodogyl 20 tab

Rodogyl 20 tabl # 438-04

Drug from and composition

Spiramicyn 750,000 I.U.; Metronidazole - 125 mg.

Inactive ingredients: alumina hydrated, starch, sorbitol, dextrin, gelatine, acid citric, magnesium stearate. Stripping: hypromellose, macrogol 20 000, red cochineal (E 124), titanium dioxide (E 171).

Pharmaceutical from:

20 tablets per package

Therapeutical indications

This medication is a combination of two antibiotics. It is intended for the treatment of acute, chronic and recurring stomatological infections.

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