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DOGtor Rx 90 wafers with 50 mg Humanofort # 508-07
Application of DOGtor Rx
  Frail Geriatric Dogs
  Cushinoid & Cushing's
  Dog Joint & Ligament Pains
  Dog Separation Anxiety
  Pet Skin Hot Spots
  Pet Fur Shedding


 DOGtor Rx for Frail Geriatric Dogs, Cushinoid and Cushing, Dog Joint and Ligament Pains, Dog Separation Anxiety, Pet Skin Hot Spots, Pet Fur Shedding
DOGtor Rx for Frail Geriatric Dogs
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DOGTor Rx a Natural Anti-Aging Formula for Dogs
Scientifically proven anti-aging formula is now available for dogs!

DOGtor Rx anti-aging formula for dogsRestores nature's essential Natural Growth Factors.

Natural remedy for Dog Ailments!

DOGtor Rx alleviates suffering and will energize your Dog!

A must for your companion - Veterinarian Recommended!

What Veterinarians are saying about DOGtor Rx's Formula?

Wish everything in life was as sure as the love and loyalty of our dogs! As good masters, we try to take care of our dogs and protect their health as they are part of our family. However, many of us wouldn't even think that our precious dogs suffer and will suffer from the same age-related diseases as us humans. Some of these include cataracts, diabetes, arthritis, slowing down... in other words, aging. But there is help!

Ava V. Ackerman, DMV, Belmont Pet Hospital, Tel: 650-593-3161.

DOGtor Rx retail boxWhat makes DOGtor Rx's Formula different from other nutritional dog supplements?

Natural Growth Factors make the difference!

Extensive research has recently determined that Natural Growth Factors are an excellent addition to a canine's diet. Before the introduction of NGFs to their diet, the only way that natural growth factors could be added to a canine's diet was by feeding them fresh raw meat (like carnivorous wild animals eat). This is true science and here is how it works!

The Evolution of DOGtor Rx's Formula

DOGtor Rx contains Natural Growth Factors originally formulated for humans. For years, consumers have been reporting phenomenal results using this natural anabolic dietary formula.

Results were so positive that some people actually began sprinkling it on their dog's food to see if their pet would also benefit. The results were amazing and positive. This led to the development of DOGtor Rx.
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